Mayor de Blasio – Bronx Town Hall 

July 12, 2017: Adaline Walker Santiago, Bronx CB7 Chair asked Mayor De Blasio to look into making the Old Fordham Library a community center for our youth of all ages and backgrounds as residents in attendance are asking for such a resource.

Chair also acknowledged the Mayor for supporting the KNIC project with the best national CBA (Community Benefits Agreement)  to come into fruition in our district to empower our youth and community with countless resources and a business incubator.

Board Members Present: Monique Weston, Monjour Choudry,  Edgar Ramos,  Lowell Green, Gloria Bent and Anthony Perez.

The Board has 15 different Committees, together we have created some phenomenal creative results for our community that is recorded not only in this newsletter; but in the media and in the hearts of all that participated.  The year began with honoring Veterans, their families, their dependents, friends and mentors.

The Veterans and Seniors Committee partnered  for the First Annual Veterans Breakfast and Soaring Eagles Awards Ceremony. And, the WAM Committed hosted the First Annual Women’s Empowerment Summit. Read More

The Parks and Recreation Committee recently attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of Whalen Park by the Mosholu Public Library where children and families can have fun and spend quality time reading together after playing in the sprinklers. Read More

The Education, Youth and Culture Committee presented the top five youth community volunteers with scholarship awards from the NY Yankees and attended a game to celebrate. Read More

July 13, 2017: Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo, announces the Approval of New Banking Development Districts in The Bronx and Brooklyn to Expand Access to Financial Services to Under-served New York Communities.

Under the BDD Program, Spring Bank and Ridgewood Savings Bank will receive Financial incentives to establish, expand and preserve access to banking products and services to benefit thousands of consumers and businesses in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Read More

The Health and Hospitals Committee hosted an Overdose Prevention and Response Training; community member learned how and when to administer the lifesaving antidote (Narcan) which reverses the fatal effects of an Opioid overdose and possibly save a person’s life. Health care advocates facilitated Nutritional Workshops and shared strategies for making healthier food choices to reduce obesity. Read More

The Economic Development, Community Relations and Long Term Planning Committees, remain committed at providing new updates on the status of the Kingsbridge Armory Ice Center; while continuing too address the needs of local merchants within our communities. Read More

The Traffic and Transportation Committee informed community members about the designs for a new Elevator at Bedford Park “D” Train Station, currently underway on the Grand Concourse. Read More

The Land Use, Housing and Zoning Committee continued to reassure community members that their voices are being heard, as developers make presentations about new housing developments, underway in the communities, during their monthly meetings. Read More

Website, Acknowledgement and Media (WAM) Adhoc Committee hosted the 3rd Annual Bus Tour, stops included Serviam Gardens, Williamsbridge Oval, BronxNet Television Studios, Project Renewal Transitional Housing and the Bronx Library Center, Read More

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