Executive Committee

The Community Board is the official municipal body whose mission is to advise and confer with government agencies, often in conjunction with local elected officials, on matters affecting the social and economic welfare of the district. The Committee Chairpersons of Bronx Community Board 7 do this by providing an open forum where residents can express their concerns involving the projects, programs and policies that affect their neighborhoods.

The Executive Committee, plays an important advisory role in land use and rezoning matters, on premise consumption liquor licenses and street activity permits. It is also responsible for identifying community needs as a part of the City’s budget process.

Moreover, the Committee addresses the shared concerns of the community including organizing tenant’s associations, coordinating neighborhood cleanup programs, by working collectively with various governmental and non-governmental agencies such as the 52nd Precinct, 3-1-1, the Department of Buildings, Department of Sanitation, Environmental Protection, Metropolitan Transit Authority, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Department of Aging, Veterans Administration, and the New York Public Library, as well as other civic associations to coordinate and improve the delivery of municipal services.