Street Activities, Events, Fairs & Block Parties

Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO)

The Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO) administers the permit system for street festivals, block parties, religious events, clean-ups, green-markets, promotional events and other events that take place on the City’s streets and sidewalks.  Once the process is completed the Street Activity Permit Office will notify the Community Board 7 office, of the proposed event. For additional assistance, please contact call 718-933-5650.

SAPO Online application

How do I obtain a permit for a Street Festival? 

If your street fair consists of more than one block and/or is more than one day, you must file directly with the Street Activity Permit Office by December 31st of the preceding year. However, there is currently a moratorium on all new multi-day/multi-block events that did not take place in the preceding calendar year.

How can I apply for a new multi-day/multi-block event? If I have an existing street fair, can it be extended to include additional blocks/days?

Currently there is a moratorium that prohibits any new multi-day/multi-block events. Additionally, events that took place in the previous calendar year are only eligible to take place exactly as they did previously, with the same location and same number of blocks.

What is the difference between a street festival and a special event?

A street festival is hosted by a not-for-profit, community organization and is generally organized as a fundraiser for the organization. Street festivals often have food, merchandise vendors and rides. Special events are sponsored by promotional/commercial entities and may include red carpets, grand openings, parking of generators, a sky tracker, or promotional vehicles.

Do I need a permit to lay a red carpet and ropes & stanchions on the sidewalk? Do I need a permit to construct a tent on a City street?

Yes. To conduct any type of activity on the City streets or sidewalks such as laying red carpet, rope and stanchions, tables, banners, and/or a tent, you must obtain a permit from the Street Activity Permit Office. Please complete a Special Event application found online at www.nyc.gov/SAPO and submit it to the SAPO.

How do I obtain a NYPD Parade Permit for a parade, bike race, running race, procession, etc.?

  • Download the Parade Permit application online at www.nyc.gov/nypd by selecting the “Permit”  button on the left side of the page;
  • Complete all captions and abide by all notes on the application;
  • Prepare three (3) copies of application with original signatures;
  • ONE COPY MUST BE NOTARIZED and then forward completed application to: NYC Police Department – Office of the Chief of Department – Attention: Parade Section

How do I obtain a permit to film a Commercial, TV or Movie Production?

Visit the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting to obtain an application online, in person at: 1697 Broadway – 6th Floor

New York, NY 10019 or phone for assistance at 212-489-6710.

Quality of Life Issues & Complaints

Can I report Graffiti on a building to my local Community Board?

The City offers graffiti removal services to communities across the five boroughs. Property owners or authorized representatives must submit a waiver to the City to allow authorized personnel to clean graffiti from first or second-story facades.

Where can I get a Graffiti clean-up waiver from?

  • You can obtain a waiver at your local Community Board or by visiting the CAU Website
  • The City of New York currently has a program, “Graffiti FREE NYC”, that cleans Graffiti targeted buildings FREE of charge.

How Do I Report a Complaint?

  • Call the District Office at 718-933-5650, Monday thru Friday during regular business hours or on our website.
  • Note all pertinent information (e.g., exact location or street address, cross streets, etc.) related to the complaint you are reporting.
  • Provide as much information as possible available at the time that you call.
  • Contact Information so that we can reach out to you if the office or responding agency needs additional information.
  • Remember, for us to help resolve your complaint, you must help us by accurately identifying the problem.

Can I request a tree to be planted in front of my property at your local Community Board?

Contact the office to have a tree planted through the “Million Trees Program” on your property. Property owners must submit a request in writing to the local Community Board stating the specific address of where you want the tree to be planted, what streets is it between, and whether there is an existing tree pit at the location.

Types of Complaints

You can report any complaint to the community board office, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Open hydrants
  • Pot holes and sink holes
  • Non-working traffic or street lights
  • Dead trees
  • Dirty vacant lots

For additional information, contact the Community Board Office at 718-933-5650 / 51 or via email at info@bronxcb7.info.